So you’re throwing that special someone in your life a birthday party? Or maybe it’s your own ‘do’ that you’re coordinating? You want to do something fun and unique that everyone will love and remember. Tough order!

If you live in San Francisco, the options for where to host your event can be overwhelming!

Have you considered having your special event in a Museum? Wait! Before you yawn and click away, this isn’t just any ol’ museum.

The 3D Museum of Illusions in SF is a new museum which is all kinds of awesome! This museum has got to be one of the most fun places in Fisherman’s Wharf, San Francisco.

What is the 3D Museum of Illusions?

The 3D Museum of Illusions is a museum dedicated to 3D illusion artwork. You get to touch and become a part of the artwork itself by interacting with the exhibits. Hosting your party here, you will be sure that there is something to amaze all of your guests. Whether it’s riding a magic carpet across SF, jumping out of a plane with the golden gate bridge in the backdrop or riding the waves with dolphins, the illusions will dazzle. The museum has been designed with its guests in mind, and you truly get to create some unique (and fun!) photos with your guests. This museum embraces photography, rather than banning it!

Why should I host my party here?

This will be one of those occasions where the photos will live up to the memory of the party! Instagram ready, you can snap away and have a blast creating awesome photos with the artworks and your guests. Suitable for all ages, your party is sure to be as unique as you! The Museum offers a variety of group packages, so you should find the right package for your needs. The Museum is easily accessible by the metro, so no one should find themselves lost en-route to the party!

In today’s social media-dominated society, the pressure to host the perfect party can be high. Try and remember that at the end of the day, your event is about celebrating and spending time with your friends and family. Enjoy yourself! Make some memories.