The Walt Disney Family Museum stands as a testament to Walt’s enduring legacy, capturing the essence of a visionary who transformed the entertainment landscape. Nestled in the heart of San Francisco, CA, this museum offers an intimate glimpse into the life and times of Walt Disney and his family. It’s more than just a collection of memorabilia; it’s a journey through Walt’s dreams, aspirations, and achievements, artfully woven through interactive exhibits and multimedia presentations.  

Stepping into the museum is like stepping into a storybook. Every corner exudes the magic synonymous with Disney. The exhibits unravel the story of a man who believed in the impossible, backed by his supportive family. A visit to this museum is an opportunity to relive the dreams, challenges, and moments that culminated in the Disney empire as we know it today.

Walt’s motto, “If you can dream it, you can do it,” is felt throughout. The museum doesn’t just showcase his achievements, but also the journey – the ups, the downs, and the pivotal family moments that shaped his vision. It reminds visitors of the power of perseverance, passion, and family support.

What Makes It Special?

The Walt Disney Family Museum offers an unparalleled experience for Disney aficionados and newcomers alike. As you navigate through its halls, you’re greeted by original sketches, rare animations, and snippets of storytelling that stand as a testament to Disney’s genius. The charm of the museum is its ability to seamlessly blend historical context with a touch of Disney magic, creating an experience that’s both educational and enchanting.

It’s not just a place to observe; it’s a place to interact. Engaging animations spring to life, captivating visitors and taking them on a whirlwind journey from the early days of Snow White to the technological marvels of Pixar. One of the highlights is a 13-foot model of Disneyland, meticulously detailed and sure to make any visitor gasp in awe.

But it’s not just about the grandeur. The museum also delves deep into the personal life of Walt, offering insights into his family life, his inspirations, and his challenges. Rare audio recordings and personal family stories allow visitors to connect with Walt on a personal level, making the experience truly special.

Disney’s Legacy

When you think of Walt Disney, what comes to mind? A pioneer, a dreamer, an icon – Walt’s impact on the world of entertainment is unparalleled. The Walt Disney Family Museum offers a deep dive into this legacy, celebrating the man behind the mouse and the empire he built. It paints a vivid picture of his journey, from humble beginnings to becoming a global sensation.

Walt Disney wasn’t just a filmmaker; he was a storyteller. With each movie, series, and theme park, he brought to life stories that resonated with audiences across generations. His ability to capture the human spirit, to inspire wonder and hope, set him apart. And his family, ever supportive, stood by him, playing a pivotal role in his success.

At its core, the museum is more than a tribute to Walt; it’s a celebration of dreams, hard work, and family. It’s a reminder that with the right mix of passion, perseverance, and support, dreams can become reality. And as visitors walk through its halls, they’re inspired to dream a little bigger, reaching for the stars just as Walt did.

Planning Your Visit

For those planning a visit, the museum offers a range of ticket options catering to individuals, families, and groups. Special rates are available for children, seniors, and military personnel. With its location in SF, CA, it’s easily accessible, making it a perfect day trip destination.

To truly savor the experience, it’s recommended to set aside at least three hours for the visit. This allows visitors to leisurely explore the museum, taking in the exhibits, multimedia presentations, and the occasional surprise that the museum springs. Special events, workshops, and seasonal displays are held throughout the year, making every visit unique.

For those traveling from outside San Francisco, the museum’s location offers the added advantage of exploring other SF attractions. With its prime location in the Presidio, visitors can combine their museum visit with a day out in the city, exploring nearby attractions, indulging in local cuisines, or simply soaking in the views of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge.

Diving into Illusions: San Francisco’s Other Gem

While the Walt Disney Family Museum immerses visitors in the magical world of Disney, there’s another San Francisco attraction that promises a different kind of enchantment. The Museum of 3D Illusions, situated in the heart of SF, is a visual spectacle. Offering interactive 3D displays, it allows visitors to immerse themselves in fantastical scenarios that defy reality.

Imagine flying on a magic carpet near the Golden Gate Bridge, or narrowly dodging a giant shark’s menacing jaws. Whether you’re floating on balloons or walking precariously on a mountain’s edge, every corner of the museum promises an unforgettable photo opportunity. Designed meticulously by top 3D artists, the Museum of 3D Illusions has rapidly cemented its place as a must-visit San Francisco, CA, attraction.

While the Walt Disney Family Museum tells stories through its exhibits, the Museum of 3D Illusions lets visitors become a part of the story. Flash photography isn’t just allowed; it’s encouraged! It’s the place where reality blurs, imagination takes the lead, and every visitor becomes a star in their whimsical tale.

“Smash It!”: An Experience Beyond Illusion

But the Museum of 3D Illusions doesn’t end with just visual spectacles. For those looking for an unconventional, cathartic experience, “Smash It!” awaits. This unique concept allows visitors to embrace their creativity and emotions in the most physical way possible: by smashing plates!

Guests can write on and decorate plates, pouring out their stress, frustrations, or any pent-up emotions. Then, with exhilarating freedom, they can smash these plates, letting out their emotions and feeling an unparalleled sense of release. It’s therapeutic, fun, and incredibly satisfying. However, for safety reasons, it’s essential to note that the “Smash It!” room is exclusively designed for teenagers (12+) and adults.

It’s an experience that complements the visual wonders of the Museum of 3D Illusions. After diving into fantasy worlds and snapping surreal photos, “Smash It!” offers a grounding experience, reminding visitors of the tangible joys of the real world.

Insider Tips

While both museums are a treat for any visitor, a few insider tips can enhance the experience. At The Walt Disney Family Museum, it’s worth checking out the calendar for special events or film screenings that may coincide with your visit. Early mornings tend to be less crowded, offering a more intimate experience.

For photography enthusiasts visiting the Museum of 3D Illusions, wearing solid colors can make your photos pop against the vibrant backdrops. And don’t forget to charge your camera or phone fully; you’ll be snapping pictures non-stop!

Lastly, for those wanting to explore both museums and more of San Francisco, CA’s delights, considering purchasing a city pass or tourist card can offer valuable discounts and streamlined access to the city’s top attractions. San Francisco awaits, and it promises a journey filled with wonder, magic, and memories.


Absolutely! Both the Walt Disney Family Museum and the Museum of Illusions are located in San Francisco, making it easy for visitors to explore both in a single day. While the Disney museum dives deep into the world of Walt and his creations, the Museum of Illusions offers interactive 3D experiences, making for a diverse and fun-filled day.

While the Museum of Illusions offers a multitude of engaging and playful 3D displays suitable for all ages, it's essential to note that one of its segments, "Smash It!", is restricted to teenagers (12+) and adults. Families with young children can still fully enjoy the rest of the museum's captivating exhibits.

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Access to the Museum of 3D Illusions and SMASH It! for 2 adults (12+ Years Old)
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General admission

Access to the Museum of 3D Illusions for 1 (6+ years old).

All Access

Access to the Museum of 3D Illusions and SMASH It! for 1 adult (12+ Years Old)
*Waiver Required Upon Check-In

Smash It

Access to the SMASH It! for 1 adult (12+ Years Old). Includes 3 ceramic plates.
*Waiver Required Upon Check-In




Access to the Museum of 3D Illusions for 1 adult (4+ y.o.). Kids under 4 y.o. FREE


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