A World of Discovery and Adventure at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, an emblem of amusement and joy, stands as a beacon of fun for all ages. Located conveniently for adventure seekers, this park is a tapestry of thrilling rides, captivating shows, and unforgettable experiences. The essence of discovery permeates every corner, inviting visitors to embark on a journey filled with excitement and wonder.

At the heart of this kingdom of fun, families, thrill-seekers, and everyone in between find their place. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom offers a diverse range of attractions, from the gentlest rides designed for the youngest adventurers to the most extreme experiences that challenge even the bravest. It’s a place where laughter fills the air, and screams of delight echo from every ride.

The park’s layout, a well-thought-out blend of thrill and leisure, ensures that every visitor’s experience is seamless and filled with joy. As one walks through the park, the sense of discovery is unending, with each turn offering a new and exciting adventure. It’s not just a park; it’s a kingdom where every visit feels like a new realm of amusement to explore.

The Magical Mix of Thrills: Exciting Rides and Attractions

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is synonymous with exhilarating rides that cater to all levels of thrill-seekers. The park boasts some of the most innovative and exciting roller coasters in the amusement industry. From gravity-defying loops to heart-stopping drops, each ride is a masterpiece of engineering and excitement, ensuring that visitors’ adrenaline levels are always at their peak.

Beyond roller coasters, the park offers a plethora of attractions that provide unique experiences. Interactive simulators, water rides, and spinning attractions add to the diversity of the park’s offerings. Each attraction at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is designed to deliver a distinct sense of thrill, ensuring that every visit is packed with new and exciting experiences.

The magic of these rides lies not just in their thrill factor but also in the stories they tell. Themed attractions take visitors on journeys through fantastical worlds, combining the excitement of the ride with the immersion of storytelling. This magical mix of thrills and imagination is what sets Six Flags Discovery Kingdom apart as an unparalleled amusement destination.

A Kingdom for All: Family-Friendly and Kid-Specific Attractions

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom truly understands the essence of family entertainment. The park dedicates a significant portion of its space to attractions specifically designed for children and families. These areas are a vibrant mix of colorful rides, interactive play zones, and gentle attractions that cater to the younger members of the family.

In this kingdom of fun, the youngest visitors find their own adventures in rides that are perfectly sized for them. Gentle carousels, mini roller coasters, and interactive play areas provide the perfect setting for children to experience the joy of an amusement park in a safe and engaging environment. It’s a place where families can create lasting memories together.

The park also offers a range of shows and entertainment options suitable for all ages. These performances, ranging from animal shows to character meet-and-greets, add an extra layer of enjoyment to the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom experience. It’s not just about the rides; it’s about creating a comprehensive, family-friendly entertainment experience that leaves every visitor with a smile.

Immersive Experiences: The Museum of 3D Illusions

A unique option to enhance the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom experience is a visit to the Museum of 3D Illusions, located in San Francisco. This museum offers a fascinating diversion from the traditional amusement park attractions, providing an immersive and interactive experience that captivates visitors of all ages.

The Museum of Illusions is a realm where fantasy and reality blend seamlessly. Visitors can find themselves seemingly flying on a magic carpet, narrowly escaping a skyscraper fall, or even dodging zombies. These interactive 3D displays, created by top artists, offer not just fun, but also the chance for visitors to become part of the art themselves. It’s an experience that transcends the typical museum visit, turning every moment into a memorable photograph.

Then there’s “Smash It!”, a unique experience that allows visitors to unleash their creativity and relieve stress in an unconventional way. Here, guests are invited to decorate plates with their thoughts and then smash them in a safe and fun environment. It’s a therapeutic and joyous activity that complements the exhilarating experiences of Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, adding an unexpected but delightful twist to the park’s array of attractions.

Beyond Rides: Entertainment, Shows, and More at the Park

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s charm extends beyond its array of thrilling rides. The park is also home to a variety of entertainment options that cater to all tastes and ages. Live shows, featuring talented performers, offer a different kind of thrill. These performances range from high-energy dance shows to captivating animal demonstrations, each adding a unique flavor to the park’s atmosphere.

In addition to shows, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom regularly hosts special events and seasonal celebrations. These events transform the park, offering themed experiences that keep the magic fresh and exciting. Whether it’s a spooky Halloween fest or a dazzling holiday light show, the park ensures that there’s always something new to discover.

Beyond the scheduled entertainment, the park’s ambiance is an attraction in itself. Strolling through Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, visitors can enjoy impromptu performances, meet their favorite characters, and immerse themselves in beautifully themed areas. It’s this attention to detail and commitment to creating a comprehensive entertainment experience that makes the park a true kingdom of amusement.

Planning Your Visit: Tips and Useful Information for Visitors

Planning a visit to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is key to making the most of the experience. The park offers various ticket options, including season passes and group discounts, making it accessible for all. Staying informed about these options ensures a cost-effective and hassle-free visit.

Timing is crucial when planning a trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. While the park is a year-round destination, visiting during off-peak times can significantly enhance the experience by reducing wait times for attractions. Additionally, keeping an eye on the park’s calendar for special events and seasonal shows can help in planning a visit that coincides with these unique experiences.

Lastly, visitors should remember to check the park’s guidelines and regulations, especially regarding safety measures for different rides. Information on accessibility, dining options, and park services is also essential to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable visit. With the right planning, a trip to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom becomes an unforgettable adventure in this kingdom of fun and discovery.


Absolutely! Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is designed as a family-friendly park, with numerous attractions specifically for younger visitors. The kingdom offers gentle rides, interactive experiences, and live entertainment that are perfect for children, making it an ideal destination for family outings.

While the Museum of 3D Illusions is a separate attraction located in San Francisco, it's a fantastic complement to your visit to Six Flags Discovery Kingdom. The museum offers an immersive experience with its interactive 3D displays, adding another dimension of discovery and fun to your adventure.

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All Access for 2 April special

Access to the Museum of 3D Illusions and SMASH It! for 2 adults (12+ Years Old)
*Waiver Required Upon Check-In

$70 $60
Lucky Combo Pass April Special

Access to the Museum of 3D Illusions for 4 adults.

$100 $80
Silver VIP Package

VIP Experience for 2 for Museum of Illusions, skip the line, receive a special gift, and get a 1 to 1 experience with our photographer who will take pictures on your camera
*Each additional person will be charged $50 at the front desk. (Up to 4)

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Golden VIP Package

VIP Experience for 2 for Museum of Illusions, skip the line, receive a special gift, and get a 1 to 1 experience with our photographer who uses a professional camera to take your photos, edit them and send them within 10 business days
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$300 $250
Combo Ripleys x MOI

Access to the Museum of 3D illusions and Ripley's. Believe It or Not! for 1.

$60 $45
General admission

Access to the Museum of 3D Illusions for 1 (6+ years old).

All Access

Access to the Museum of 3D Illusions and SMASH It! for 1 adult (12+ Years Old)
*Waiver Required Upon Check-In

Smash It

Access to the SMASH It! for 1 adult (12+ Years Old). Includes 3 ceramic plates.
*Waiver Required Upon Check-In




Access to the Museum of 3D Illusions for 1 adult (4+ y.o.). Kids under 4 y.o. FREE


(regular + smash it)